Our 2020, No winter is insurmountable, no spring is not coming: to Coronavirus

u=3364617425,1943314937&fm=11&gp=0When the epidemic comes, we cannot avoid it, but this does not mean that it will be covered for a long time. In 2020, patients with new type of coronavirus pneumonia in the country are continuously being cured. As of now, 49925 cases have been cured nationwide !

The beginning of 2020 may be extremely difficult, but it is precisely because of this, that the little bit of love gathered becomes extra warm and full of strength.Believe that there is no endless winter and no spring that cannot come.

Winter will end, the haze will dissipate, spring will come, and everything will eventually recover.

Resumption of work: End of winter, spring is expected

Nothing can stop us

After a few days, the Spring Festival quietly passed. Although the epidemic situation made our return to work look a bit strange, the epidemic situation could not stop our continuous pursuit of a beautiful home, but the horn of hope had sounded again. We filled our sleeves with confidence and welcomed Embrace the arrival of spring.

No winter is insurmountable and no spring will not come. According to the relevant requirements of Jiangsu Province’s “Notice on Resuming Work and Resuming Production and Preventing and Controlling Epidemics of Enterprises,” Kamroller already has the conditions to resume work.After research and discussion by the company, on the premise of ensuring the health of each employee, arrangements were made for each department to resume work.

In order to ensure the safety status after the return to work after the Spring Festival holiday, the company also set up protective measures such as temperature detection, entry and exit registration at the door, and always put safety in the first place. While doing a good job of self-protection and safety, it can quickly adjust the status. To prepare for the resumption of work and follow-up work, and fully promote the efficient implementation of follow-up work.The production department is gradually resuming production. Due to the lack of manpower in the early stage of construction, all the office staff of all major departments have invested in the grassroots level and participated in the preliminary work.

Winter will end and spring is coming.It is believed that with the joint efforts of everyone, those tenacities that are united by love and faith will definitely break through the haze of the epidemic, usher in the spring of recovery, and those belated expectations will eventually meet in spring.





Post time: Mar-04-2020
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