The 30th China Glass, The New Journey

On May 25, 2019, the 30th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, which attracted large number of glass industry insiders, came to a successful conclusion in Beijing. During the exhibition, Kamroller tried to be unique, adopting a brand new design of exhibition layout.



Kamroller introduced an upgraded Glass Tempering Roller called SP-A Ceramic Roller, which can be applied to stably produce high standards and strict requirements glass. Kamroller dedicated to providing customers with excellent solutions.




Additionally, Automotive bending forming mold became another point attracting visitors. Ceramic molds sintered with high-purity quartz possess almost zero thermal expansion and stable performance. Precision machining allows it to meet all of customers’ requirements for size and precision.


 With the propelling of the globalization, Kamroller continues to introduce talents and is committed to building a professional team.






Kamroller booth was packed during the exhibition.



Through the 30th Glass China, Kamroller sincerely invites you to visit us to talk about the future of the industry.


Post time: Jun-01-2019
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