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factoryKAMROLLER® was established in USA since 1988, as the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech ceramics. There are  factories and institutions in the United States, Brasil, Hongkong and China. Providing excellent quality products and services to customers worldwide.
Kamroller Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 by USA KAMROLLER®  and introduced American technology. Become the largest production base of high-end quartz and its derivatives in Asia.
Products are mainly used in glass, solar energy,  construction ceramics, metal heat treatment, natural  energy resources, semiconductor, steel, petrochemical and other fields.


Kamroller Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive quartz industry operator for high-end quartz materials and derivatives. The company has a complete industrial chain of raw ore mining, purification and smelting, silicon material grinding, intelligent production and operation management.
It has its own mine source and strict process inspection system in Brazil and China. The digital-industrial-scale chemical purification plant and flexible and standard purification process are among the best high-end quartz raw material producers in the industry.
The company has a quartz sand research and development organization in Minnesota, USA. Its main task is to do basic research and applied research of high-purity quartz. The pilot plant is based on the existing resources available and completely imitates the whole process of mineral processing and purification. As a separate process test, the pilot plant provides the most basic data for optimal process optimization, process reform, and new product development.
Special quartz processing and product standards can be tailored to the needs of the customer’s application. It also provides controllable and stable high-purity quartz raw materials for the company’s quartz products.

Kamroller is Committed to the Solution of Fused Quartz Products and Glass Industry Development Technology
The glass tempering rollers are suitable for use in equipment such as glass tempering furnaces, and are conveyed through a horizontal tempering furnace at a temperature of about 700 °C. The design of the rollers meets the process requirements and is manufactured with strict performance control over surface roughness and dimensional accuracy.
. Smooth and Safe Conveying Process
Appropriate shaft end technology and material selection are used to ensure a reliable and stable connection while maintaining stable roller performance.

.Stable Performance
High-purity raw materials and process technology ensure a uniform and robust ceramic roller with the most stringent dimensional tolerances, fine surface finish and excellent heat resistance. The company’s specialized Commelola Silicon Materials Company supplies raw materials, which are safe, long-lasting and controllable. The micro-elements of raw materials are strictly controlled to ensure the perfect thermodynamic behavior of the products, resulting in stable thermal performance.

Post time: Jun-05-2020
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