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Quartz Ceramic Guide Groove

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The Quartz Ceramic Guide Groove’s exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability make it suitable for applications involving high-speed or continuous material movement. Its durability and resistance to friction and abrasion enable reliable and long-lasting performance in demanding industrial environments.

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Introducing the Quartz Ceramic Guide Groove, a high-quality solution that provides precise guidance in various industrial applications. This ceramic guide groove is meticulously crafted using premium quartz ceramic material. It is known for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability.

The Quartz Ceramic Guide Groove is primarily used in industries such as textile, wire and cable, glass, and paper manufacturing, where accurate guidance and alignment of materials are crucial. It is a reliable tool for guiding threads, wires, fibers, or other materials through various production processes, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

With its superior hardness and wear resistance, the Quartz Ceramic Groove offers excellent durability and prolonged service life. It can withstand the rigors of continuous use, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and reducing downtime in production. Its smooth surface finish prevents friction and abrasion. It also extends the lifespan of the guide groove and contributing to consistent and reliable performance.

Thermal stability is another key feature of the Quartz Ceramic Groove. It can withstand high temperatures without warping or deforming. This also makes it suitable for use in processes that involve heat or exposure to hot materials. The guide groove’s dimensional stability ensures precise alignment and consistent material flow. It enhances overall product quality and reducing waste.

Usage: Quartz Ceramic Guide Groove

The Quartz Groove is designed to guide and support materials in various industrial applications. Its primary usage is in industries such as textile, wire and cable, glass, and paper manufacturing, where accurate and reliable material guidance is essential.
In textile manufacturing, the Quartz Groove guides threads or fibers through weaving or knitting machines. This ensures precise alignment and preventing tangling or breakage. In wire and cable production, it also serves as a guide for wires or cables, and also minimize the risk of damage.

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  • Fuse Silica Roller Specifications

    SiO2 (wt%) Purity ≥99.6
    Color White
    Max Using Temperature 1250℃
    Density (g/cm³) ≥1.8-2.1
    Apparent Porosity (%) 5-20
    Compressive Strength (Rt) (Mpa) ≥60
    Bending Strength (FIT) (1100℃X0.5h) (Mpa) 20-70
    Thermal Expansion (X10-6/℃) (RT-1000℃) 0.54×10-6
    Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (w/m·s·k) ≤0.5
    Thermal Shock Resistance 1200℃-20℃

    Thermal Shock > 20 Times

    Moh’s Hardness 7

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