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Fused Silica Raw Material / Sand / Powder

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Fused silica particles and sand are used as a raw material and is converted into amorphous silica (fused silica) by high-temperature melting. Fused silica has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, and stable chemical properties.

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Introducing our high-quality Fused Silica Raw Material, a superior grade silica sand or powder that serves as a fundamental building block for various industrial applications. Meticulously processed and refined, our Fused Raw Material offers exceptional purity, consistency, and thermal stability, making it an essential component in industries such as glass manufacturing, foundries, ceramics, and semiconductor production.

Our Fused Raw Material is derived from premium silica sources and undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process to remove impurities, resulting in a product with a high silica content and low levels of contaminants. This ensures consistent performance and reliable results in demanding applications.

The Silica Material is available in the form of sand or powder, offering flexibility in meeting specific production requirements. The sand variant is well-suited for applications that require shape and structure, such as molding and core-making in foundries. The powder form, on the other hand, is ideal for applications that demand high surface areas, such as coatings, fillers, and precision casting.

What sets our Fused Silica Raw Material apart is its exceptional thermal stability and resistance to high temperatures. It can also withstand extreme heat without melting or deforming. This makes it an excellent choice for applications involving molten metals, glass melting, and refractory materials.

Sizes Range: Fused Silica Raw Material

Particle size range: 2-200 mesh (0-100 mm) can be produced according to user’s demand.

Usage: Fused Silica Raw Material

The Fused Silica Material, whether sand or powder, finds extensive usage across various industries. It is a crucial ingredient for producing high-quality glass products, including glassware, optical components, and precision lenses. Foundries rely on the Fused Raw Material to create molds and cores for metal casting, ensuring accurate and intricate shapes. It acts as a key component for manufacturing advanced ceramics with excellent thermal and mechanical properties. Due to its high purity and electrical insulating properties, the semiconductor industry utilizes the Silica Material for producing silicon wafers, optical fibers, and other semiconductor components. Furthermore, it is a vital ingredient in refractory materials, providing heat resistance and stability in demanding environments.

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