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Kamroller Flat Arch Products

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Experience the reliability and performance of Kamroller Flat Arch Products in your high-temperature applications. Elevate your industrial operations, enhance thermal efficiency, and ensure the longevity of your refractory structures with these top-quality refractory solutions.

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Introducing Kamroller Flat Arch Products, a premium line of refractory solutions. They are designed to provide exceptional performance and durability in high-temperature applications. These specialized products are meticulously engineered using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to meet the stringent demands of industries such as glass manufacturing, metallurgy, and ceramics.

Kamroller Flat Arch Products are specifically designed to create flat arch structures in various thermal processes. These structures play a critical role in furnaces, kilns, and other high-heat environments. They further provides support, insulation, and heat containment. With their unique composition and design, these products offer superior thermal stability, excellent resistance to thermal shock, and exceptional load-bearing capacity.

The Kamroller Flat Products are known for their outstanding mechanical strength, allowing them to withstand the extreme conditions of industrial operations. Their robust construction ensures longevity and reliability. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and minimizing downtime in production. By choosing Flat Arch, industries can benefit from improved productivity, extended equipment life, and reduced maintenance costs.

With their precise dimensions and consistent quality, Flat Arch Products are easy to install. This also ensures a seamless fit within refractory structures. Their versatility however, allows for customization to meet specific application requirements. This therefore makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and processes.

Usage: Kamroller Flat Arch Products

Kamroller Flat Arch Products are designed for a wide range of industrial applications that require reliable and efficient flat arch structures. These products find extensive usage in industries such as glass manufacturing, metallurgy, and ceramics. They provide essential support, insulation, and heat containment in furnaces, kilns, and other high-temperature environments. The Flat Arch Products offer exceptional thermal stability, resistance to thermal shock, and high load-bearing capacity, ensuring reliable performance in demanding industrial operations. Their precise dimensions and customizable options allow for easy installation and compatibility with various refractory structures.

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  • Fuse Silica Roller Specifications

    SiO2 (wt%) Purity ≥99.6
    Color White
    Max Using Temperature 1250℃
    Density (g/cm³) ≥1.8-2.1
    Apparent Porosity (%) 5-20
    Compressive Strength (Rt) (Mpa) ≥60
    Bending Strength (FIT) (1100℃X0.5h) (Mpa) 20-70
    Thermal Expansion (X10-6/℃) (RT-1000℃) 0.54×10-6
    Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (w/m·s·k) ≤0.5
    Thermal Shock Resistance 1200℃-20℃

    Thermal Shock > 20 Times

    Moh’s Hardness 7

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